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Dear pupils

Here’s  the latest revisions and tests. Study hard and you’ll gain success.


A story for you! ‘The crow and the cheese”

   One day a crow picked up a large piece of cheese from the ground in its beak. It flew up into a tree. A hungry fox saw the crow with the cheese. The fox wanted the cheese, he looked up and smiled sweetly at the crow. “What a beautiful bird you are,” said the fox, but the crow said nothing. “What lovely feathers you have got,” said the fox, but the crow said nothing, either. “Have you got a beautiful voice? Will you sing for me?”

     The crow opened its beak to sing, so that it show the fox it could sing beautifully.

    The cheese fell to the ground and the fox ate it up greedily. “Thank you,” said the fox and ran away.

   Now. Which one are you, the crow or the fox?